Wireless 5.8 Ghz TV Sender – SV1730

Sends video and audio signals wirelessly from one room to another room

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Product Description

Maximise your digital TV experience

Wireless and interference free distribution of recordings, pay-tv, video and audio signal through walls and ceilings to your second TV in another room

Share your channels

Share your pay TV channels and recordings with your second TV set, up to 30 meters

Interference free

Clear picture and sound quality via “Zero interference” Technology (5.8Ghz)

Additional Information

Product code SV1730_UK
Digital TV
STB (Satellite / Cable / Terrestrial)
Blu-Ray / DVD
Interference free technology
RCA connectors
Scart Cable included
Video signal input Composite (CVBS) / S-Video
Video signal output Composite (CVBS) / S-Video
Frequency 5.8 GHz
Channels 4
Range clear line of sight up to 100 meters
Antenna External Patch Type
Frequency_IR 433.92 MHz
Remote signals (IR) 30 kHz – 60 kHz
Antenna (IR) Internal
AC/DC adaptor 12V DC/250 mA
3.5 mm – SCART
Remote Control Extender
Smart TV accessoires

For Digital Set-top boxes (Satellite/Cable/Terrestrial), DVD & Blu-Ray player, Camcorder, VCR and other AV Devices. PLEASE NOTE: The SV 1730 is not totally comaptible with some HD+ Boxes as Sky+HD and Canal+: PlusLeCube and Tivo boxes.

Make sure that the TRANSMITTER and RECEIVER are switched ON.
end that both are set to the same channel.
Select EXT or AV on second TV. Make sure that all cables are connected correctly.
Check that the video source (satellite receiver, video recorder, camcorder, DVD player, digital or analogue Set-Top Box or Pay-TV decoder box) is switched on and to use the correct SCART connector (e.g. EXT1 or EXT2) of the video source (check manual of video source).

Aim the remote control directly at the RECEIVER unit and ensure that there are no obstacles in between. Ensure that there is no other wireless device (wireless headphones, speakers, RF control signals) interfering with the remote control. Make sure that TRANSMITTER and RECEIVER are more than 16 ft (5 m) apart and that you are using the remote control of the video source. Reposition the IR Eye on the video source OR place the IR Eye 2 – 4 inch (5 – 10 cm) in front of the video source.

You will need to by a splitter in order to connect the devices.


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