1. Reservation of title
      1. When the goods sold have been delivered they shall be at the buyer’s risk.
      2. The property (i.e. Ownership) in the goods shall remain in the seller (i.e. And hereinafter called “the Company” untill such time as the price has been paid in full.
      3. Until the property in the gods passes from the Company to the Buyer, the buyer shall
        1. store the goods so as to clearly show them to the property of the company
        2. insure the goods in their value against loss or damage from whatever cause.
        3. Hold the goods and all moneys received from their re-sale, hire, pledge or other disposition as bellee or trustee respectively for the Company.
      4. So long as any monies are owing by the buyer to the Company in respect of the goods sold under this contract, and the buyer has received any payment from the re-sale, hire, pledge or other disposition of the said goods, the Company shall have, in addition to any other remedies, the right to trace the proceeds of any payment made in respect of the goods to the fullest extent permitted by law.
      5. If the buyer shall default in making payment of the purchase price within the credit period the Company may, without prejudice to any pre-existing liability of the buyer to the Company, treat (without obligation to advise the Buyer that it is so doing) the Buyer as being no longer in possession of the goods within the Company’s consent or permission.
      6. In the event of the Buyer’s possession of the goods being other than with the Company’s consent and permission the Company shall be entitled forthwith to take possession of the goods and (if necessary) the Buyer shall be deemed to have given, by virtue of this provision, the right and power to the Company to enter into and upon any premises where the goods may be for purpose of taking possession of same.
      7. If the Buyer shall default in payment of the purchase price, the Company shall, without prejudice to the foregoing provisions and in addition thereto, be at liberty on its own account to sell or otherwise deal with or dispose of the goods sold under this Contract in such manner as it may deem fit.
      8. Nothing hereunder contained shall entitle the buyer to return the goods and refuse or delay payment on the grounds that the property has not yet passed.
      9. Where the buyer is other than a Company then, in addition to the foregoing, all clauses shall be read so as to include “ all other goods, or payment due, the subject of any other contract between the Company and the buyer: and the said clause shall be constructed accordingly.
      10. In the absence of written agreement to the contrary all payments made by the buyer may be appropriated by the Company to whatever of the Company’s invoices to the buyer remain unpaid, as the Company may in its absolute and unfettered discretion determine.
    2. Claims
      No claims for damage, delay or loss will be entertained unless alleged defective goods are returned and claim made in writing with three days of delivery. Notification of claim shall not be construed as admission of liability.
    3. Credit
      Shall be strict nett unless agreed in writing.
    4. Changes
      All quotations made and order accepted shall be subject to the foregoing conditions and no additions or alterations (including, in particular, any terms or conditions of the buyer’s contract or Order Form) shall apply unless specifically agreed to in writing to the Company.